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DHIS2 Specialized Country Academy

HISP Bangladesh Foundation is pleased to announce the DHIS2 Specialized Country Academy

23 to 27 October 2022

Six Seasons Hotel in Dhaka, Bangladesh


HISP Bangladesh is a member of Global HISP community have been collaborating with University of Oslo and other country HISP communities to organize global and regional DHIS2 academies from the beginning. With the increase of demand of DHIS2 related capacity building due to evaluation of scale and quantity of DHIS2 implementation in Bangladesh by Government and other organization working in development arena, HISP Bangladesh with University of Oslo organized DHIS2 regional academy in 2018 and 2019. Physical DHIS2 academy has been dropped in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19 pandemic restriction. To meet the country capacity building demand, HISP Bangladesh have organized several online and offline training, capacity building and on the job facilitation to support special need due to long duration gap of in-person academy after 2019 and additional need from COVID-19 and FDMN response. HISP Bangladesh is going to organize a specialized country academy for Bangladesh to meet the in-country demand of DHIS2 related capacity building from different organizations, stakeholders, partners and individuals.

Theme & Objectives

Course overview

The DHIS2 Country Academy is a specialized course that will cover the basic concepts of designing, collecting, analyzing, and performing preliminary administration on aggregate, event and case-based data with a focus on country need. Through a blending of lecture and hands-on training, participants will learn how to customize DHIS2 for aggregated, tracking and event-based programs for both on web and android, configuring software to support routine, surveys, and longitudinal/programmatic tracking of beneficiaries/commodities. Course covers aspects of DHIS2 feature set supporting event (encounter) and patient/other entity tracking data. Participants will be introduced to concepts of designing, collecting, analyzing, and performing preliminary administration on event and case-based data through a mix of lectures and exercises.

Whoom we are expecting

We are expecting professionals/staffs from organizations and their partners working in health, nutrition, food security, WaSH, education, humanitarian, multisectoral approach and other development arena to join us for these five days country specialized training on DHIS2. The following broad themes will be part of this academy:

Understanding the information cycle, the hierarchy of standards, knowledge of different health and other program like Immunization, Maternal and child health program, non-communicable disease program, Nutrition program, School program etc.

DHIS2 design principle, and core practice on DHIS2 customization; Good practices for tidy databases and data quality; Create, administer and maintain the organization and hierarchy, data elements with categories, data sets, indicators, validation rules and standard deviation analysis; Perform detailed user management with roles & authorities; Preparing for data analysis, Data elements and indicators, Data collection, data quality and visualization, Data sharing and dashboards. Ultimately goal to develop a complete aggregated dataset design for data collection

Understanding the individual beneficiary based, event and tracker related concept and terminology, tracker functionality and data model in DHIS2. It will introduce the knowledge on individual case-based data recording functionality, morbidity and mortality related events, survey design, maternal health, child health, immunization, chronic and acute patient including non-communicable diseases tracking, logistic tracking etc.

Event and Tracker design principle, and its customization on DHIS2; good practices for event/tracker program design; create and maintain the event and tracker base program, event data elements with option sets, program design with staging concept, program rules with different skip logics, program indicators, sharing setting etc. Ultimate goal to build capacity of participants to design complete event and tracker base software functionalities for collecting event data and tracking patient/other entities.

Customization of SMS, message, email in different level, such as SMS to patient/service receiver, service provider, frontline health worker, managers etc.

Using different real use-cases from the field implementation all over the country and beyond in contextual cases to discuss and demonstrate different program features as well as implementation successes, challenges and lesson learnt. Reviewing and documenting requirements of any DHIS2 systems and creating system in DHIS2 through the setup of DHIS2 aggregate, tracker and blending systems.

DHIS2 is continuously developing new functionalities based on requirement from all over the world. Understanding and configuring the new features that can be used to support current and upcoming requirement for the implementation of tracker in DHIS2 system.

Review of the methods that can be used in DHIS2 to support the output and analysis of data. Preparing for data analysis, event reports, event visualizer and GIS map etc.

Discussion on mechanisms of individual data protection, configuring confidentiality and user permission in different level, emergency management and auditing etc

Understanding and configuring the new features that can be used to support the implementation of DHIS2 system.

Discussion on mechanisms of developing integrated HIS system and its implementation. How to work with different community.


Abdul Hannan Khan

Team Leader
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Nayeem Al Mifthah

HMIS expert
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Md. Nabiullah

HIS Development Specialist
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Shekh Md. Nazim Uddin

DHIS2 Implementer
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Md. Mohidul Hassan

DHIS2 Implementer
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Fees and Accommodation

The Academy fees are BDT 45,000/= per person without VAT and Tax *. It includes:

  • Participation of DHIS2 Special Country Academy 2022, Bangladesh (without accommodation)
  • Lunch and coffee/tea during the Academy
  • All course material & conference infrastructure
  • A welcome dinner on 23 October 2022

* Organisations are not exempted from VAT and Tax, need to add VAT and Tax as per the law applicable in Bangladesh.

Venue and Registration

Six Seasons Hotel, House-19, Road-96, Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212
Google map location: https://goo.gl/maps/3wz4xqZjyio1LQmk7
Please apply for the academy here: https://forms.gle/VnBY4P58SKJBEiBJ6 The organizers will evaluate application and get back to you as soon as possible. After receiving confirmation from the organizers, please proceed with the payment of the registration fee. A detailed session plan will be published soon. The participants should have completed online DHIS2 Fundamentals course https://dhis2.org/academy/fundamentals/.

Abdul Hannan Khan

Chief Executive Officer

Having 25 years of experience in project management in international environment with experience in working with international agencies, civil society and NGOS, including health sector, Mr. Khan have proven team leading expertise on several projects including implementation of District Health Information Software 2 (DHIS2) as a national Health Management Information System, as a Community HMIS in Bangladesh and regional countries. He is supporting the customization implementation of DHIS2 in several countries throughout Asia/Pacific, including CRVS system, HMIS system in Maldives and Timor-Leste. He is the key person who implemented DHIS2 in Bangladesh, as well as he worked with WHO and Global Fund, UiO and other organizations for DHIS2 implementation and other HIS areas. Mr. Khan has vast experiences in large scale database management, security, DHIS2 server and database including integration with other DHIS2 and external applications.

Nayeem Al Mifthah

Health MIS Expert

Having Public health, ICT, Planning, Statistics and data science related educational background, Mr. Nayeem is experienced across with different global development partners, and government on ICT, Health MIS, digital technology-based beneficiary and commodity tracking, public health, MNCH, EPI, Surveillance, Multisectoral Nutrition, M&E, GIS, assessment of interventions, and planning in Bangladesh and other LMICs across Asia and Africa. Experienced in diverse requirement analysis for HIS, design DHIS2 (aggregated, survey, tracking, surveillance etc.) and other open-source software with contextual standards and perform complex analytics. Nayeem is also worked as visiting faculty of Bangladesh University of Health Sciences on various subjects related to Health Informatics at Masters level including Standard and interoperability in HIS, Modeling Simulation and Visualization, Enterprise Architecture in HIS.

Md Nabiullah

HIS Development Specialist

He is one of the DHIS2 implementer with core development experience including frontend, backend, and interoperability. He is involved with several DHIS2 related projects locally and internationally. In recent years Mr. Nabiullah have worked in DHIS2 web API by developing Middleware for COVID-19 public reporting, web service, API end point to synchronize or data push-pull among in different systems e.g., OpenCRVS, HRIS.

Shekh Md. Nazim Uddin

HIS Specialist

Mr. Nazim is the DHIS2 implementer and a trainer. He is involved with several DHIS2 related projects locally and internationally almost 8 years. He has knowledge about public health and vast knowledge about IT. He is involved with lots of Bangladeshi implementation of HIS sector. Experienced in cancer registry requirement analysis and design in dhis2. Also he is a focal person of eRegistry implementation in Matlab, Bangladesh from HISP Bangladesh side. Linkon also act as focal person of dhis2 country implementation in Maldives.

Md. Mohidul Hasan

HIS Specialist

Mr. Mohidul is the DHIS2 implementer and national level trainer of HISP Bangladesh. He is working at HISP Bangladesh almost 4 years engaged with several DHIS2 project locally and globally. He is the key trainer of COVID19 surveillance system, Gender Based Violence(GBV) as well as HIV program. He has vast knowledge at Web Development sector and Already developed organizations own website also. He has already completed DHIS2 level-1 and level-2 academy from Bangladesh as well as completed couple of online DHIS2 academy to enrich his knowledge.

Md Nabiullah

HIS Development Specialist

I have completed B.Sc (hon’s) and M.Sc in Physics from Govt. Azizul Haque College, Bogura under National University.  During my study I was so much interested about Computer and after completing masters I got a job of lecturer but I decided to build career in computer programming when I got scholarship (of web programmer) from IDB-BISEW. I completed the post graduate diploma in Web Presence Solution and completed a six months internship (7th Batch) under National ICT internship program, Bangladesh Computer Council.

I liked programming so much so I don’t feel bother when I studying from GOOGLE after office in night or in office time. I like to solve complex issues and always thinking to build a proper logic in coding to solve the task by less processing. I started programming with C# and PHP but my first company mostly worked in web-based so I mostly worked in PHP, PostgreSQL, MySQL.

In recent years I have worked lots in DHIS2 web api by developing Middleware/Covid19 public reporting/Web service/API end point to synchronize or data push/pull automatically in two different system e.g. OpenCRVS, HRIS with maintaining and settle up of Linux Ubuntu Server.

I have worked with raw PHP with CodeIgniter, Laravel, YII, Phpfox,  MySQL, PostgreSQL, XML, AJAX, HTML, JavaScript, Jquery, Wordpress, Joomla, bootstrap, foundation, Pjax, CSS3, HTML5, QGIS,    Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Adobe Premier pro, Filmora etc.

I have develop a system from top to bottom with functioning role based permission system of different activity/access to allow different users to work in different roles like super admin, sub-admin, group admin, data entry, registered user etcetera in a single system. Now I am able to develop any customized application/system needed.

In my 13 years of professional experience, now I am working as HIS Development Specialist at HISP Bangladesh Foundation. And previously worked at icddr,b as Programmer, at Zoom Group as Senior Software Engineer, at Codemen as Software Engineer, at Nogor Solutions as Web developer.

At icddr,b I have the responsibility of management of Web-based surveillance system of Kala-Azar in DHIS2 Central Server (MIS, DGHS). Also I have developed an automated data import system by DHIS2 Web API for generating automated suspected outbreak alert by email and mobile SMS, and some complex reporting with creating maps using QGIS which is needed by our team.

DHIS2 customization, Implementation, Database management and training experience for long days. Supporting the development of academy material and DHIS2. Ms. Fatema have long experiences in DHIS2 database, HMIS system design with evaluation of DHIS2 from the beginning of DHIS2 (2.0 to 2.x). She has particular experience in Urban HMIS in Bangladesh where there are multiple players involved to provide services including government and non-government stakeholders. (TOGAF 9.1 certified)

Kazi Shahidul Islam

Health MIS Expert

In a long career, Mr. Kazi Shahidul Islam has earned a nice blend of multi-dimensional businesses & multi-cultural people experience, and become very much skilled at understanding System Analysis, Users’ Needs, Business Process Optimization, Data Design, and Data Management in a variety of business sectors – hospitality, healthcare, retail, general-trading, maintenance & operations, etc. He is currently managing the teams for Mobile Apps, Cloud-based Startups, and e-Commerce Scheme in Dhaka and Dubai, and working on a larger platform that combines different technology and research.


Having implemented four major ICT projects in the last 20 years, Mr. Islam is very confident in the analysis and integration of ICT systems, ICT project management, and acting as the technology lead. He studied and worked for several System Architecture for different projects in different countries – India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, German, USA, Japan, Thailand, and UAE.

It would be worth-mentioning here that, the project of Evercare Hospital (the then Apollo Hospitals Dhaka) got the JCI certification. Mr. Islam led the development and implementation team of Hospital Information System (HIS) for about 4 years.

Mr. Islam had spent 6 years in Malaysia (1991 to 1997) and 10 years in Dubai (2008 to 2018). During his tenure in Dubai, he acquired a reputation for his passion of innovation and problem-solving skill. He is always having an ability to focus his entire talent to solve a complex problem which even may require a call to lead to get the things done. He always emphasizes on team building and team efforts – as a team leader or a team member he never falls aside the team.

Understanding environment and people around is one of his key abilities and thus his communication skill always rates him high. He can create a vision, which could be well accepted by the audience & client, create awareness among the end-users and implement the project with whatever the challenges to be conquered.

Mr. Islam obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in 1989. He, then, joined a Research Program at University of Malaya (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) in 1991.

Current Projects of Mr. Kazi Shahidul Islam

Consultant – HiSP Bangladesh

Working with National MIS with DHIS2 system (National Dashboard for Covid-19)

Under DGHS, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Consultant – Patient Data Management, Urban Primary Healthcare Services Delivery Project

Financed by Asian Development Bank

UPHCSDP II, Under the Ministry of LGRD, The Government of Bangladesh

Short Time Consultant – at the World Bank

For an assignment with Health Nutrition & Population SAR 2

Under DGHS, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

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